Coaching a Self-Publishing Farmer

You may think self-publishing is a pretty straight forward self-service type of thing, and it certainly can be. However, most people who start out to write a book may find out they need a little help from a pro. Patty Willis, a local cattle farmer,  fell into that category.  Patty engaged my services to coach her through the process of writing a self-published cookbook with stories and home photos to share with family and friends for an upcoming wedding, as well as sell to customers of her natural beef products.

Thanks to self-publishing software such as the program we used,,  she published her book, ONCE UPON A FARM TABLE: RECIPES AND STORIES FROM HOLLY ROCK NATURAL FARMS.

Check out how Patty was able to tell her story through recipes.

“Thank you for blessing me with your editing gifts and encouragement. I don’t think I could’ve done this without your support. – Patty Wills

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