Cooking Live With Eddie and the AJC!

Atlanta Journal-Constitution food editor Ligaya Figueras invited Eddie and me to join her yesterday for a Facebook Live cooking session to introduce Turnip Greens & Tortillas to the public before it officially launches April 10. Eddie made his famous turnip greens and queso dip, as well as Natilla, the vanilla- and cinnamon-infused custard he recalls from childhood  that was a huge hit at this and Mike Klank’s previous restaurant, Sundown Cafe, in the 1990s. Other than fresh oranges for the taking, they don’t serve dessert at Taqueria del Sol…UNLESS you know to ask for Natilla at the counter. They got so many requests for it from loyal Sundown customers that they started making it daily at all the locations, but it’s still not on the menu. It IS, in the book, however. Watch him make it here!



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