Launch Day!

I just HAPPENED to pass by our neighborhood Taqueria del Sol this morning as I was walking the dog and there it was, standing on the counter: the first copy of Turnip Greens & Tortillas, [...]

The Old Mill

  I’ve been fascinated with grist mills ever since I watched one in operation for the first time. I was a rookie reporter for my hometown newspaper in Mississippi, and had heard about a [...]

Delta Hot Tamale Festival

This new year, I am expanding my social media horizons by dipping into Storify – a great way to create online scrapbooks of sorts drawing from all media sources. With help from my literary [...]

Thinking Outside the Biscuit

I didn’t try the Southern Chicken Pot-Pie Biscuit or any of its competition at the sixth annual International Biscuit Festival last Saturday in beautiful downtown Knoxville, Tenn. To do [...]

A Cooking Weekend Below the Gnat Line

Several months ago, I got an email from a woman with an intriguing request  unlike any I’d ever before received. Maureen Lok wrote that she is the Board Chair at The Center for Children & [...]

A Dazzling Delta-Inspired Finale

It began with a witty antipasti platter, inspired by childhood memories of snacking in gas station cafes, where to this day you can often stumble upon something homemade and surprisingly [...]

Building Community With Good Eating

Last Wednesday I began a two-week book tour through Mississippi with my trusty publicist — aka my mother — as my traveling companion. While I still have to push myself out of my [...]

Welcome to Water Valley

Next week, I’ll be heading back to Mississippi and Memphis alongside my trusty driving and dining companion (aka Mama) to take part in several fun events to talk about Eat Drink Delta [...]

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