Launch Day!

I just HAPPENED to pass by our neighborhood Taqueria del Sol this morning as I was walking the dog and there it was, standing on the counter: the first copy of Turnip Greens & Tortillas, [...]


The warm-up to this day Eddie Hernandez and I have been working toward for seven years has already been exhilarating, and I am so grateful for all the wonderful support and kind words we’ve [...]

Coaching a Self-Publishing Farmer

You may think self-publishing is a pretty straight forward self-service type of thing, and it certainly can be. However, most people who start out to write a book may find out they need a little [...]

A Cook’s Tour of Mississippi

I wrote my first cookbook when I was a rookie reporter at my hometown newspaper, The Clarion-Ledger, in Jackson, Miss. I was just learning how to cook then, and knew nothing about writing a [...]

Other Books I’ve Written

The 5:30 Challenge: 5 Ingredients, 30 Minutes, Dinner on the Table “A treat for singles and families.” Barbara Jacobs, Booklist. Copyright © American Library Association. The Ultimate [...]