Landing a major book deal with an established publisher is most every prospective author’s goal. It’s a highly competitive literary market out there, and getting your foot in the door to make the pitch is a major hurdle in itself. There’s never a guarantee you’ll get a response, or the results you’re seeking. Having a seasoned professional who understands the publishing business to guide you can improve your odds immeasurably, and save you many agonizing hours of spinning in circles wondering if you’re on the right track.  If you have the passion and determination to move forward, I can counsel you on your options, provide honest feedback and help you determine a plan of action that will fit within your budget.

Prices will largely be determined by the specific services you’ll need to reach your goal and the amount of work you can put into it yourself — everyone is different. The figures below are merely a starting point. Once I have a better idea of your project, I can give you a more realistic quote of what you can expect to spend.



Like planting a garden, you need to properly lay the groundwork before you start sowing your seeds. That’s why there is no underestimating the value of  having a well-crafted proposal in hand that clearly articulates your vision for the book, and builds a solid case for why it will sell.  This task is considerably more difficult and time-consuming than most people can imagine, often involving many rough drafts to get it right. But if you take the time to carefully follow through with this step, I am convinced you will reap many life-enhancing benefits beyond the book. As you sharpen and polish your idea, and distill it down to its essence, you’ll be able to better clarify your gifts and values, identify the audience who most appreciates them, and figure out what you have to offer them that they cannot find anywhere else.  Maybe you already have a winning idea, and if so, you can proceed directly to crafting your proposal. More likely, though, you’ll need at least a few sessions of talking it through to feel secure that your message resonates. If this is the case, I can be a sounding board to get you to that point. We can do this by phone, Skype, or in person.With each session, I will share my expertise and any tools I can offer you to empower you to do as much of this work on your own as you see fit.

Goal: To solidify your book idea and determine the next steps.

Fee: $150/hour (plus travel time if needed)



Once we have agreed you have a solid, marketable idea that you are comfortable with, I will help you draft an abbreviated proposal (about 5-7 pages total). This will include a brief “elevator pitch,” synopsis, bio, vision for your book, audience description, skeletal chapter outline, and 2-3 recipes with complete head notes in your voice. In some instances, it may be enough to get an agent involved. I work with a wonderful agent, and have good relationships with several other great ones, and can make recommendations if needed. If you’re seeking a smaller publisher or university press, this streamlined proposal may be just the ticket to get their interest. For this phase, I may bring in another seasoned writer to facilitate. You will be expected to provide materials, links and recipes as needed, and we will shape and polish it into a professional document.

Goal: To help you articulate your vision for the project succinctly to anyone who asks, and have an understanding of the work involved to plan resources accordingly.

Fee: Starting at $1,500.


Now the fun really starts!  By completing phase 1, you already have a jump on the daunting task of producing a full proposal. This phase involves fleshing out each of the points you’ve made in the mini-proposal, and will likely include an introduction, 1 sample chapter, and 6-12 recipes with head notes. Proposals come in all shapes, sizes and styles; most run 30-40 pages. Some have artwork and attachments; most don’t. During this phase, we will identify the stories and recipes that best support your thesis, and work on telling them in your natural voice. This comes more easily to some than others. You should also gain a better sense of how much time — if any — you wish to spend behind the keyboard yourself once you start the actual book. I have worked side by side with authors who wanted my feedback and editing help only, and others who preferred me to interview them, sometimes with a recorder, and then transcribe their words. I can also do a combination — whatever gets the job done. (Another writer on my team may assist here.) We’ll do a sample of each to give you a taste. Meanwhile, I will work closely with our agent  (or agents, if  yours is different than mine) to make sure the book’s marketing strategy aligns with your overall brand, and with what publishers are looking for.

Goal: Produce a winning proposal to land the best book deal possible, working closely with agent.

Fee: Starting at $3,500 (this could run $12,000 or higher depending on the complexity and demands of the project.)



Once we are finished with the proposal, the agent (if one is involved) will shop it to publishers. Or you may choose to shop it yourself, though most experts in the publishing world will advise against this. If a publisher offers a deal that is attractive to you, I will assist as needed to come up with an affordable plan for meeting your deadline. Having worked every stage of the process, I can customize my role to suit your needs. I can also make referrals and help you assemble a team of expert help if needed.

Please contact me to see if we are a fit for your project!

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