The stories that speak to all of us share one universal truth:
We all have to eat.
Susan's Food Writing Philosophy

About Me


Early on in my  journalism career, I made a life-changing discovery: If you want to get people to open up, turn the conversation to food. It is one of the rare topics we all have something to say about.

I wrote my first cookbook at age 23 and since then have edited award-winning food sections for major newspapers, written for many magazines, produced or collaborated on 10 cookbooks, organized and spoken at food writing events, judged cookbook and food journalism competitions, and taught a food-focused magazine writing class. I’ve loved it all. What gives me the most satisfaction, though, is helping others tell their stories.

I have coached several food professionals through proposals that have landed lucrative cookbook deals and helped bring their projects to fruition. I also provide short-term consultations for those who need advice at any stage along the way. To find out how we might work together, get in touch.